All Aboard the D8 Express!

Want a snack that will get your mellow on or just get your daily dose of D8 in?
Come to the dining car here on the D8 Express and check out our assortment of edibles.

D8 Express Rice Krispie Treats are packed with 100 mg hemp derived D8 THC. Each treat is approximately 3 inches x 3 inches.

(The sprinkles will be fitting for whatever season we are in.)

Handmade with love and neatly packaged right here in NC, USA. We are not responsible for failed drug tests.

***For a Limited Time:***
Find a D8 Express Vacation Destination sticker in each package!
Collect 8 different stickers and bring/mail them in to us for a FREE D8 Express Product!
Collect all 27 stickers and bring/mail them in to us for a $100 Gift Certificate to the store and a FREE D8 Express Product!
Official Rules:
1: Stickers must be placed on something that MGR Staff can sign off on-paper, sticker book, box, etc.
2: Stickers MUST come from US. Cheating is NOT allowed. Yes, we can check and see. We love all of you, so please don’t make us do that. This little game is strictly for fun.
3: You cannot request certain stickers from your Budtender. Stickers are placed in packages randomly.
4: HAVE FUN! This is a fun game for everyone and we hope to put smiles on your faces and give you dreams of new places!


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