During the early 2000’s I was diagnosed with cancer.  Each time I was diagnosed, it was a little worse than before.  My team of doctors preformed so many surgeries to keep it at bay, however it kept coming back.  Finally in 2008, they preformed a radical hysterectomy.  I began to use CBD oil as part of my treatment after the second surgery.  I noticed I was felt better, was more rested and able to enjoy foods again.

Due to the lack of availability, I began to make CBD oil for friends and family with hemp.  I had the chance to have front row seats in watching people’s lives improve.   I am not a Doctor, nor can I diagnose anyone.  I can just share with you information about your Enodcannabinoid System and how to nourish it.

With all that I have seen, I knew I had share the news with other people, I just wasn’t sure how.

In August, 2017, on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach, I passed a “4:20” store.  There was a sign saying they had CBD products and I was baffled.  In disbelief, I went in to investigate.  Sure enough, there were CBD products for sale!  I knew right there at that moment I would open a CBD shop of my own.  After many hours working with the Small Business Center at the local community college, I was ready to find investors.  On 1/3/18, I received the funds from an investor and got the balls rolling.

And here we are today.  My Green Room is a small company (LLC.)  Right now, we just have the one location in Rutherfordton, NC but are opening in Greer, SC in March 2019.

I live in Ellenboro, NC with my fiance, Mike. We will be married on 3/2/19.  I have 2 great kids, 3 incredible grandkids, 3 spunky dogs and a man that loves me unconditionally.

While we are growing, more information will be added.

Until then,