During the early 2000’s I was diagnosed with cancer.  Each time I was diagnosed, it was a little worse than before.  My team of doctors preformed so many surgeries to keep it at bay, however it kept coming back.  Finally in 2008, they preformed a radical hysterectomy.  I began to use CBD oil as part of my treatment after the second surgery.  I noticed I was feeling less pain, my depression had improved and I was able to eat.

Due to the lack of availability, I began to make CBD oil for friends and family with hemp.  I had the chance to have front row seats in watching people’s lives improve.  I witnessed someone use CBD oil for 4 months and their Glaucoma was gone.  I witnessed an autistic child speak for the the first time (age 11).  Someone with seizures daily now barely has them.  Someone had diabetic feet and now has the ability to walk without pain.  A few people that had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease found comfort and were to kick it without antibiotics.  I have seen folks have less anxiety, depression, pain.  I watched someone put CBD topicals on their ankle (they had serious ankle reconstruction surgery) and have complete relief in under 30 seconds.  I am not a Doctor, nor can I diagnose anyone.  I can just share what I have witnessed.

With all that I have seen, I knew I had share the news with other people, I just wasn’t sure how.

In August, 2017, on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach, I passed a “4:20” store.  There was a sign saying they had CBD products and I was baffled.  In disbelief, I went in to investigate.  Sure enough, there were CBD products for sale!  I knew right there at that moment I would open a CBD shop of my own.  After many hours working with the Small Business Center at the local community college, I was ready to find investors.  On 1/3/18, I received the funds from an investor and got the balls rolling.

And here we are today.  My Green Room is a small company (LLC.)  Right now, it’s a one woman show with considerable encouragement from my boyfriend, kids and loved ones.   Without their support, I would never had the ability to open this store.  I am starting with online orders and offer free local delivery to Rutherfordton, Forest City, Mill Spring, Lake Lure and Spindale, NC.

I currently split my time between Rutherfordton, NC and Greer, SC.  I have great kids/grands, 3 spunky dogs and a man that loves me unconditionally.

While we are growing, more information will be added.

Until then,